The best value for your project is achieved by letting us bid your entire project. This can include Foley, ADR, composing your score, hiring musicians, editing, sound design and effects, rights, even authoring and duplication of DVDs and Blu-ray’s. We can mix in our dub stage or prep for mixing at a stage of your choice. Show us your locked edit and let us know what services you want us to provide.

 Basic Studio Rate



•  Assistant Engineer

• Interlocked projection

• 800 square foot “neutral” recording space

• Pro tools 10 HD 2 – 192 sample rate/24bit

• 24 mic/line input

• Iso booth with 3 mic/line/DI input

• DVD or Blu-ray projection 1080p 5.1 sound







• Full Engineer

• Foley walker(s)

• Walla group

• Music design from stock music

• Session setup with downloads and video prep

• Microphone rental may apply if we need to match your production microphone

• Scoring

• DVD Authoring

30.00 per hour - 200 per day - 110 half day
















20.00 - 50.00 per hour

20.00 - 50.00 per hour each

Call for price

Call for price

Call for price

Call for price


Call for price

Call for price


Film Rates