Main system:

   Mac Pro CPU

   Pro Tools 10 HD 2

   192 IO

   96 IO

 Control Room:

   Focusrite Control 24

   True Precision 8 Mic Preamp

   DBX Subharmonic Synthesizer

   Monitors M Audio MX8 D2 with

   matching sub

 Dub - Mastering room

   Focusrite Control 24

   5.1 Monitoring:

   Carver M-500t  1500 watt

   Klipsch  K-D Industrial (stereo)

   Klipsch la scalla  (center)

   Klipsch Heresy  (sides)

   Cerwin Vega E Horn  (Sub)

Video Interlock:

   Mac Pro CPU

   Pro Tools Video Satellite

   Avid Media Composer

   Final Cut Pro

   Assimilate Scratch

   1080P  with a 25 foot screen

   SDDS, DTS and Dolby 5.1

Backup System:

   Mac Pro CPU

   Pro Tools 8 HD 2

Edit System:

   Mac Pro CPU

   Pro Tools 10-11

   M Box

   Final Cut Pro

   Avid Media Composer

   Adobe Creative Cloud

   Sonicfire Pro


   Focusrite Command 8

   Mackie Big Knob

  Dynaudio Monitors



   Sound Ideas General

   Hollywood Edge

   Smart Sound Music

   East West Symphonic Platinum





   Kurtzweil Mark 10 Ensemble Grand

   Palatinio Electric Upright Bass

   Slingerland Small Drum Kit (Once

   owned by Buddy Rich)

   Electric Bass

   Acoustic Classical Guitar

   Strat copy Electric Guitar

   Tele copy Electric Guitar

   Studio Grand

Plugs and Toys

Mics and Production Gear